Having difficulties managing copyrights and data quality?

It can be very time-consuming to be well informed, to communicate copyright information with everyone involved, to get consensus, and to register a work accurately while offering transparency to your writers. With Eleven you can do this fast, easy and accurate.


Artists can tag their contribution in a mobile app, VST/AU plugin, or photo, while you receive notifications.

Eleven is an easy-to-use registration and real-time notification tool for managers and artists, which enables you to be connected and synchronized with everyone involved at all times. This way publishers, musicians, labels, rights organizations, and other platforms are always fully up-to-date, just like in a social network. A one-time manager profile enables you to receive copyright information from different sources, and distribute multiple registrations in one go.


20% of revenue is lost because of inaccurate copyright data.

A good manager ensures that their artists get the credits and royalties they deserve. Don’t lose revenue because of incomplete metadata or delayed registrations, work on your artist’s career instead of administrative tasks. Wouldn't it be great to have a tool to automatically register music, in a way everyone is fully informed and paid?


No lock-in, export data at all times.

Supported by the Technical University Berlin and selected by the Wallifornia Music Tech Accelerator as ‘promising startup’. Be part of the future music infrastructure, profit from a discount for early-adopters now or share this link ( with your managing director to discuss.

Eleven helps to be on top of things. Know who played that baseline, who’s the co-writer’s publisher, and if everyone agreed on the splits.